Family Assurance
Medical Plan


Experience the Convenience of Having a Doctor on Call 24/7
Speak to a (USA Board Certified) Physician Anytime, Night or Day from the Comfort of Your Home


Family Assurance Medical Plan Provides coverage for You and your whole family for just over $1/day

Provides Unlimited Consultations with Top Quality Physicians

No Consultation Fees and No Co-Payments

No Appointments Necessary, No Waiting

Prevents you from going to Emergency Rooms .. Doctors available to you 24/7

Consult with a Doctor anytime (day or night) from the comfort of your home

Your Health Plan can be used anywhere in the USA

Connects you with a Local Physician in any State where you are located

Get your Prescriptions written and sent to a local pharmacy near you wherever you are

Available to both Residents and Non-Residents

All Pre-Existing conditions accepted

There are No Age Limits

Receive Up to 95% Discount OFF your prescriptions


 IN ADDITION: You get frequent Health Checks (as often as you wish) through our proprietary app on your mobile device that checks Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and much more...


ALSO INCLUDED: Full Body Health Scan that allow members to have a non invasive check of every organ in their bodies once each year. This annual Health Check will help members to prevent or to catch serious health problems very early, while they can be treated or removed


Your Family Assurance Medical Plan significantly reduces the need to go to Emergency Rooms and sit for hours to consult with a doctor. Emergency Rooms are generally used as an alternative to the doctor's office during hours when doctors are not available in their offices. With your Family Assurance Medical Plan you always have access to a doctor whether its during the day or at 2am in the morning and your doctor can diagnose and write prescriptions and send it to a nearby Pharmacy. This can all be done from the comfort of your home with no need to sit for hours in an Emergency waiting room. So whereas some plans cover visits to Emergency Rooms the Family Assurance Medical Plan helps to prevent you from ever needing to go to the Emergency Room by making a Physician available to you at anytime, wherever you are located in the USA.


78% of All Doctor’s Visits Can be Resolved by Phone or Video Consultation

We have Over 3600 Medical Professionals Waiting to Help you and your Family.
Get the Help you need within Minutes, without having to leave Your Home

Prescriptions Written and Sent to Your Local Pharmacy when applicable

Meet Some of our Doctors who will be Helping you…

Average Experience Over 20 Years


Our convenient service offers access to top quality cost effective medical care anytime, anywhere. Our network of U.S. Board Certified doctors, psychologists and pediatricians are available to resolve non-emergency issues by phone, video or online, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Although the Family Assurance Medical Plan is not insurance neither is it qualified under the Affordable Care Act, it is a Private Health Plan that covers you and your entire family wherever you are in the USA and it provides many benefits that are not available from Obama Care or other Health Insurance Plan.


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