Become a Business Partner


As a member of the Family Assurance medical plan you can also become a Business Partner and begin to earn tremendous income by referring new members to the plan. Earning income is fast and easy because you can sign up new members directly from your cell phone.


Each member will have the opportunity to download the Family Assurance mobile app to their telephone from which they can sign up a new member within minutes and get paid the next day.


As a Business Partner you can easily earn $200 - $400 per day PART- TIME and your earnings are deposited to your account daily. You can become a member today and start earning money tomorrow. There are No Licenses are required neither do you need to have any specail skills. This opportunity is available to everyone.


There is no additional cost to become a Business Partner. Members are required to purchase the plan for themselves and to experience the benefits of it in order to be able to sucessfully promote it to others.


Our Business Partners are compensated not only for those members that they sign up directly but they are also compensated for new members that are signed up by other members on their team.


Business Partners also earn 100% residual income indefinitely, as members renew their medical plan. This is true residual income which means if a member earns $50,000 in his first year he could again earn $50,000 in the second year even without making a single sale, so long as all those who bought the plan in the 1st year renews their plan.


Business partners also have the opportunity to drive any car they want and to have it paid for by Family Assurance. A car bonus is available to all members and this bonus is paid to members based on either personal sales or team sales. Members therefore have 2 ways of achieving the car bonus, they can achieve it individually or they can achieve it with the help of his or her team. 


The income potential is Unlimited based on the fact that everyone needs this plan based on the fact that it provides a combination of features, benefits and compensation that cannot be obtained from any other plan.